City Trip Committee

Events organized by the City Trip Committee:

 •  City Trip to a destination in Eastern Europe

 •  City Trip Announcement Drink

Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee perfectly represents what EESA is all about: Helping Eastern European students (and others interested!) retain close ties to their own culture and discover new ones. Through events like pub-quizzes, workshops, and language café’s, we try to showcase what makes us proud to be eastern European to the rest of the world, while also having a good time with our friends. What do you need to join this committee? A positive attitude and eagerness to learn about other countries and their traditions should do the trick 😉 (If you already know everything about eastern Europe that is also good!)

Events organized by the Cultural Committee:
•  Pubquizzes
•  Workshops
•  Language Café

Educational Events Committee


Erisa, Isilda, Shavony, Ionuț. These are the masterminds behind the Educational Events Committee. Since EESA was founded, the mission of this committee is the educational pillar of the  association. And what better way to do it than through exam preparations? This year, we managed to organise sessions that benefitted not only ESE students but also RSM. As a result of the constantly great turn-up rate, a lot more people became acquainted with EESA, which in turn led to more people being engaged for our events in general, be them drinks, pub quizzes, guest lectures or even vegan workshops ;). Of course, the Educational Events Committee will not take credit for all of EESA’s success but it does play quite a big role. So, if you wanna become a part of EESA, then why not choose the Educational Events Committee? If you’re looking to make an impact, then there is plenty of room for improvement and new ideas and despite the name, we are quite social too!

Events organised by the Educational Events Committee:

 •  Exam Preparations for quantitatively-intensive courses

 •  Guest Lectures

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is the efficient component of EESA. It is in charge of making sure that the EESA mission and vision are always reflected in our promotional activity.  How do we do that?
From posters to Facebook series and events to just small pieces of information, the Marketing Committee is continuously trying to preserve the values of EESA and help it ascend to new heights!
Follow our Facebook page closely and our other social media channels to be up to date with what we are up to!

Social Events Committee

The “FUNtastic” Social Events Committee. Have you heard of “East Meets West” or participated in the football tournament? Those are only some of the events made by them. The committee organizes a wide range of fun events and sports activities. Monthly drinks, volleyball or football tournaments, parties and more! Join us to the deliver the most fun experience to fellow Eastern Europeans and our friends!

Events organised by the Social Events Committee:

 •  Bi-monthly themed Social Drinks 

 •  East Meets West (EMW) Party