Together with Studentenvereniging Mozaik we are organising a fundraising for the people in Albania who are suffering from the 26.11 earthquake after-effects. Both of the organisations are official student associations recognised by Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

According to the Albanian Ministry of Protection, this natural disaster left 18 people dead, injured more than 600 and deprived thousands of their homes. However, these numbers are still rising.

If you want to contribute, you can:

– donate money using the following link:

– donate your clothes, bed sheets, packaged food and other goods either in EESA office (P-building: PT-070) or Studentenvereniging Mozaik (P-building: PT-006)

We are collecting the funds and goods until 11.12.2019, 21:00, after which we will transfer and transport them to the Municipality of Durres – the city most affected by the earthquakes.

If you want to be updated on the situation or on what the funds going to be spent, feel free to contact both of the assosciations via our LinkedIn or Facebook pages!

We thank you for your contribution!

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