Hello! / Salaam! / 你好 Ni hao! / Ciao! / Fa waka! / Merhaba! / Salve! / Kaile!

Dear fellow student,

Have you ever dreamed to explore the far away countries? Are you maybe homesick?
We would like to give you a small piece of a foreign culture or the one that you left home!
Come to our second edition of E.M.A. International Food Fair: Taste The Culture!

E.M.A. is coming together for a tasty afternoon this November.
There will be lots of food, a great diversity of people and lots of happiness (it’s food after all!).
We hope to see you all.

Location: Sports Building (S) Erasmus University Rotterdam
Time: 2pm – 4.30pm
Requirement: bring your empty stomach and of course cash !

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