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THE FACES OF EESA - Bosnia and Herzegovina

My name is Adi, I am 22 years old and I represent Bosnia and Herzegovina for EESA. I grew up in Veldhoven, a small municipality in the southern part of the Netherlands. In my daily life outside of the house I spoke Dutch and as soon as I got home (and of course took off my shoes) we spoke in our language. Being raised by Yugoslav parents has strongly influenced my mentality and sympathy for the Balkans. On the other hand I consider myself quite international too. I have often visited the UK and the US and have lived and studied in Germany. In the meanwhile, as a result of these experiences I feel like I have become a culture absorber. Whether I stay in the Netherlands, go to Germany or to the Balkans, I feel at home and can relate to the locals. When you ask me: what do you feel more? Bosnian? Serbian? Dutch? I would tell you: "just human".

Adi Ivkovic
Student Business Administration
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The Dutchies always find a way to be innovative. This is just one of the many reasons we love to study and live here! 🇳🇱 ... See MoreSee Less

An affordable ecosystem. Learn more: wef.ch/2DmtWQ9

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Join us for Paintball this Monday! Sign up by sending an email to eesa.eur@gmail.com. Hurry up, the spots are limited! ... See MoreSee Less

Paintball Event

January 29, 2018, 8:00pm - January 29, 2018, 10:30pm

Do you remember the New Year’s resolutions you made while you were munching on all that delicious food during the holiday season? No, me neither, but I am sure most of them were about eating healthi...

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As we have seen these past weeks, Eastern Europe has a lot to offer in terms of traditional food. Time passes and we have come closer and closer to our final destination of our cultural trip: HUNGARY. Spicy, rich and a variety of different flavors: Hungarian cuisine is a delicious and surprising discovery for many travelers. As part of the abundant Eastern European cultural heritage, do not forget to check the following shops:
1. Magyar Bolt Hongarije
www.lekkersuithongarije.nl/contact (online shop and shop in Moerdijk)
2. De Smaak van Hongarije
www.desmaakvanhongarije.nl (online shop from Belgium but they ship to the Netherlands too)
3. Haga Magyar Bolt
www.facebook.com/tamas.magyarboltja/about?lst=1444264795%3A100003279271816%3A1515676375 (in the Hague)
4. Rotterdami Magyar Bolt
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