Kristine Alchimenkov - President

My name is Kristine Alchimenkov, I am a 21 year old IBEB student with Russian and German roots. This year, I am incredibly honored to take the role as the president of EESA 2019/2020. Being the president, my main responsibilities are being the face of EESA, the coordination of the board and ensuring that we work altogether in synergy as a team, and the general coordination of the committees, while honoring the goals and vision of EESA.

Therefore, it is important that I am fully informed about everything going on inside and outside of the association while working closely together with my fellow board members.

Furthermore, I will also supervise this year’s newly created Career Committee, that aims on supporting students to develop themselves professionally, organizing such events as workshops and networking events in close collaboration with different companies. But as this is a new committee, you will have the freedom to come up with your own ideas for career events and realise your own vision.

Julia Kułakowska - Vice President

My name is Julia Kułakowska and I come from a lovely Polish city – Poznań. I’m 20 and I just started my second year of IBEB.

I am more than honoured to be the Vice-President of the 2019/2020 EESA Board. My main responsibilities are to be the right-hand of the President, manage EESA members’ database and LinkedIn, and to represent the association to the outside world. That is why, it is important for me to be up to date with all the internal and external processes, and have an excellent understanding of what are the values and objectives of EESA.

Furthermore, I will also supervise the Cultural Committee, which is aimed at organising events promoting the culture and diversity of Eastern European countries.

Even though I am Polish, I feel Latin at heart, as I adore the language, music and food. Besides that, in my free time I enjoy dancing, watching old movies, dramas or thrillers. I also love hanging out with my friends and, of course, eating – especially Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisine. I also love snowboarding, swimming and have a soft spot for tattoos.

Isilda Isufi - Treasurer

My name is Isilda Isufi and I am a 20 year-old Albanian currently enrolled in the 3rd year of IBEB. I was born in Vlora, a lovely city located in the South of my country.

This year, I am the treasurer of 2019/2020 EESA Board and I will look after all the financial transactions that take place within the association. My main tasks are to prepare and presents budgets for the ongoing work and advise the board on the financial strategy. Moreover, I will be the supervisor of the Educational Committee, which focuses mostly on organizing exam preparations for several courses of different degrees.

Denisa Kasa - Secretary

I am Denisa Kasa and I come from a coastal city in Albania, Durres. I just turned 20 and this year I started my second year of International Business Administration.

I am very excited to be a representative of EESA’s board this year in the role of the Secretary. My position mainly focuses on managing EESA’S members’ database, keeping the meeting minutes and making sure that both internal and external members, are properly informed about the events that EESA will host. For this reason, I have to be in current with every detail of what my colleagues discuss.

My other responsibility in EESA is chairing the Social Events Committee. My committee will be organising the legendary “East Meets West” party and different sports events. However, keep in mind that we are always open to new ideas.

Andreea Barbu - Marketing Officer

My name is Andreea Barbu and I am a proud Eastern European from Romania. Currently, I am enrolled in my third IBEB year and I am quite the traveler in any possible way.

Besides my Bachelor, I am representing EESA’s spirit from the Marketing Officer position. You may ask yourself what challenges a Marketing Officer might face. Well…there is no specific answer to this question, since a Marketing Officer needs to be “the eyes, ears and mouth” of the association.

Besides studying and being part of the EESA Board, I love listening to music, dancing, reading Sci-Fi books and baking. If you have any curiosities about my position or about EESA in general, do not hesitate to send me a message on one of EESA’s social media accounts or pay a visit to our office situated in P-T.070.

Tina Nguyen - External Relations Officer

My name is Tina Nguyen. I am Polish-Vietnamese from Warsaw, Poland, and currently a 3rd IBEB student. 

This year, I am honored to be the External Relations Officer. My main responsibilities are to take care of EESA’s external communication with other parties, maintain and establish new partnerships and further develop the EESA network.

Moreover, I will be supervising the City Trip committee, whose task is to organize a cultural trip to an Eastern European destination. I will also be supporting the newly-established Career committee in contacting companies and organizing career events on our wonderful Woudestein campus.

Aside from studying and being on the EESA board, I enjoy listening to music, going to concerts/festivals, cooking and baking good food, and traveling. If you are curious to learn more about or interested in collaborating with EESA, do not hesitate to contact me on email: