Career Committee

Events organized by the Career Committee:

  • Company events
  • Networking drinks
  • In-house days
  • Career workshops
City Trip Committee

Events organized by the City Trip Committee:

  • City Trip Announcement Drink
  • City Trip to a destination in Eastern Europe
Cultural Committee

Events organized by the Cultural Committee:

  • Pub quizzes
  • Workshops
  • Language cafés
Educational Committee

Events organized by the Educational Committee:

  • Exam preparations for quantitatively-intense courses
  • Guest lectures
Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is the efficient component of EESA. It is in charge of making sure that the EESA mission and vision are always reflected in our promotional activity. How do we do that?

From posters to Facebook series and events to just small pieces of information, the Marketing Committee is continuously trying to preserve the values of EESA and help it ascend to new heights!
Follow our Facebook page closely and our other social media channels to be up to date with what we are up to!

Social Events Committee

Events organized by the Social Events Committee:

  • Bi-monthly themed Social Drinks
  • East Meets West (EMW) Party
  • Sports events