International Football Tournament

Life is simple: eat, sleep, play FOOTBALL!

Football, or soccer, is an international game played world-wide and loved by millions! Its not just a sport, its a lifestyle and a mean to build bridges between nations! That’s exactly why the Eastern European Student Association (EESA) organizes the International Football Tournament. Following the success of the tournament organized by the Italian Erasmus Society on the 3rd of May, a new opportunity for you to play arises!

Gather your friends and form your own “national team”: Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Germany… you name it! Compete against the other nations and win the trophy, be the best “national team” at Erasmus University!

Each team has to be formed by at least 8 players (goalkeeper + 7 field players). Of course, having substitutes is highly encouraged, since the competition is fierce and the tournament is long!

Register your national team via the link below:
Deadline, Thursday, the 25th of May, at 23.59!

Each team has to pay a fee of 20 euros. Part of the money will be used to buy refreshments and snacks.

The winners of the tournament get to make their country proud, besides receiving a symbolic trophy!

EESAInternational Football Tournament

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