Ever dreamed of creating your own webpage or even designing your own app? Stop dreaming, and start doing! The Eastern European Students Association has partnered up with Turing Society and will be hosting the latest edition of the Turing Coding Hours.
The workshop consists of two different sections:

1. During the first two hours of the workshop Turing Society bootcamp graduates Ranya Bellouki and Daniel Batubara will show you how to make your own landing page using HTML, CSS and the Bootcamp framework.

2. The second section we will talk about the career opportunities you have in coding. IBA graduate gone web-developer Andrei Sili will share his story on this after which he will also introduce us into the possibilities of web development using the Google Cloud Platform

The event is free of charge, on the condition of signing up as a member of the Eastern European Student Association (completely free of charge and without further requirements). If you are already a member, you still need to fill in the form:

There are LIMITED PLACES available, so don’t miss the opportunity to sign-up!

Room T3-02
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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