Dear EESA-Naughts!
We are well aware of your endless flows of energy. The desire to sometimes run around or dance your butt off, but being stuck inside four walls of Polak or your room. Well, EESA offers a solution! We present you our amazing trampoline event at FreeStyle Motion Rotterdam. You will be able to enjoy one hour of jumping and fooling around with your friends. Also a good work out, one step closer to summer body goals 🙂

Price is just €7.50! (Paid in ONLY cash at the event or transferred to NL42 INGB 0006 5167 91 – Romanian Students Association)

Requirements: Sign up for the event via the link below and anti-slip socks (can be bought at the location for €2)!

Check this video to see how cool it’s going to be! 🙂

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