Propaganda is an effective mass communication tool used by many organizations to influence and win people. In contemporary Russia, the powerful propaganda techniques help Putin redefine pride, patriotism and what it means to be a true Russian. But will this weapon he uses, actually become a weapon of self-destruction?
For the first time, EESA will organize a publecture about a very active and controversial topic; propaganda. Whilst you sit in a bar, enjoying your drink, you will hear some insights about this topic from our two guest speakers.
Our first speaker is Rashid Gabdulhakov, whose specialization is media, nation building and post-Soviet space with the focus on Russia. Currently, he is working on Digital Vigilantism in the Russian context, which is citizen-led justice in digital space.
Our second speaker is Aart Murray, media specialist for the ministry of foreign affairs in the Netherlands. He will provide a perspective from the western side, explaining what tools are used to fight this propaganda coming from Russia.
We hope to see you on the 18th of October!

Practical information:
The event is FREE
Location: Proeflokaal FAAS
Time: 20:30

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