How to travel the world with almost no money – Tomislav Perko

Always wanted to travel the world, but didn’t have enough money? EESA presents you the solution! Tomislav Perko (31), a Croatian traveler and TEDx speaker, is coming back to Rotterdam to share his inspiring story. He has prepared a brand new lecture (check out his last years’ lecture here: in which he reveals his untold travel stories, explains how he travelled the world with almost no money, and how he turned his passion for traveling into a career. His new book, 1000 Days of Summer, will also be on sale for the public!

About Tom: After a career of a stockbroker, broke because of the financial crisis, he hits the road and turns it into his home. He uses alternative ways of traveling – hitchhiking, couchsurfing, working/volunteering, and manages to wander around the world with just a little bit of money in his pocket, meeting the most amazing people on the way.

Seven years later, he self-published two books (1000 Days of Spring and 1000 Days of Summer), gave one of the most popular TEDx talks of all time (which has over 2.3 million views) and goes around giving lectures about what it means to live on the road.

If you are interested about how to travel the world and how to turn traveling into a career, then you should join us for a very interesting evening on Wednesday, April 26th @ Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Tomislav on FB:
Watch his TEDx talk here:

Entrance fee: 3 euros if you pay in advance via bank transfer. Payment at the door is also possible for 5 euros!

Payment in advance is possible via the following bank account:
NL42 INGB 0006 5167 91 – Romanian Students Association

EESAHow to travel the world with almost no money – Tomislav Perko

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